WDL Statement on Covid-19 | WDL 聲明【COVID-19】

WDL Law Professional Corporation is now implementing a work at home plan for its team effective March 19, 2020, and encourages all other law offices and paralegal offices to do the same by operating remotely and virtually wherever feasible.  

These important measures contribute to our collective efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

We hope you are all doing well and that we will all return to normal business hours soon.

WDL Professional Corporation 現在正在為其團隊實施一項在家工作計劃,該計劃將於2020年3月19日生效,並鼓勵其他法律辦公室和律師助理辦公室通過遠程和幾乎在任何可行的地方進行操作來做到這一點。 這些重要措施有助於我們為減少COVID-19的傳播而做出的集體努力。 希望您一切都好,我們很快就會恢復正常的工作時間。

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