CPD Course:

We at WDL LAW have released our first CPD course ever. It is about Drone and Privacy Law in Ontario!

BUY THE COURSE HERE (buy it through this link with 35% off)!

In this course, you will learn about drone and privacy law in Ontario and what it means to fly your drone legally and safely in Ontario. Format: Video lesson (~1 hour long), followed by a short quiz based on what you have learned. Who is this course for? This course is for lawyers, drone enthusiasts, photographers, filmmakers, videographers, and others who are interested in learning what it means to fly drones legally and safely in Ontario. This course will look at the intersection between drone and privacy law and discuss how drones have changed the landscape of privacy law. Why should you buy this course? Drones have become increasingly prevalent in all walks of life. They are increasingly used in creative ways, from real estate, to movie production, wedding photography, racing sports, hunting to personal use. Now that nearly all consumer drones have video and photographic capabilities, this means that it is very easy for drone users to inadvertently violate someone else's privacy. For instance, when a drone user accidentally flies a drone over her neighbour’s property, does this constitute trespass to the neighbour's airspace? You will find out in this course!

What you will learn?

  • Learn about the intersection of drone and privacy law

  • Learn what drones can be used for

  • Learn what it means to safely and legally fly drones in Ontario

  • Learn what responsibilties drone pilots have

  • Learn when, where and how drones should be used

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